Series Guide

The Real Middle Ages podcasts is not a complete narrative of the the Middle Ages. This guide will help listeners understand where different series start and stop.

Introduction Episodes 1-3: Episode 1 is an introduction to the podcast. Episode 2 is a introduction to the beginning of the medieval period and presents a beginning point for future series. Episode 3 is a introduction to the end of the medieval period and I will not do any series past the final date given in this episode.

Origins of the Rus Episodes 4- 14, 17- 19: This series looks at the beginning of the Rus in eastern Europe. The Rus began as viking settlers and eventually became Slavic princes over the Russian steppe and river estuaries of the east. This series begins with the first Rus and ends with the death of Vladimir the Great.

Halloween Specials:

Witch Frenzy Episodes 15 and 16: This series takes a look at the rise of witch frenzy throughout the middle ages. Episode 15 takes a look at the assassination attempt on Pope John XXII’s life using sorcery and episode 16 is a general history of the use of magic and witchcraft during the middle ages and the fears and concerns from both secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

A Norman Foundation Episodes 20 – current: This series takes a look at the beginning of the Duchy of Normandy in Northern France. Normandy began as a settlement of vikings by the King Charles the Simple, under the leadership of Rollo, and grew into one of the most powerful duchies in all of France.