Episode 16: Stoking the Fires of Witch Frenzy

This is part 2 of the 2017 Halloween special on Witchcraft and magic in the Middle Ages. This episode is a brief history of witchcraft and magic from a little before the beginning of the middle ages to the closing of the 15th century.

Witches giving an offering to a demon.

Witches worshiping a demonic goat.

Hans Baldung Griens woodcut of witches preparing for the Sabbath

The Knights Templars being burned at the stake.

Episode 15: Sorcerers and a Pope

This is part one of a two part Halloween special on Witchcraft, sorcery and magic in the middle ages. In this episode we take a look at the story of how Pope John XXII was the target of a group of assassins who tried using magic as their murder weapon.

Pope John XXII.

Pope John XXII and his papal court.

A map of southern France.

The papal palace at the city of Avignon.